MedAI Releases Drug Formulation Development Service for the Pharmaceutical Industry

In recent decades, the requirements for drug formulations have increased significantly. To help scientists and researchers better solve the challenges arising from the formulation process, the AI-assisted R&D research company MedAI announces to release its drug formulation development service earlier this month. With this AI-driven formulation platform, formulation scientists now can develop clinically differentiable products more rapidly, comprehensively and intelligently.

A formulation refers to the composition of a drug product that contains both active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and other inactive ingredients. Each inactive ingredient is added to the formulation for specific purposes so as to ensure the performance and conformance of drugs. Formulation development is of vital importance because it can determine patentability, lifecycle and, ultimately, the success of a pharmaceutical product.

“Our AI-driven formulation platform has integrated knowledge of various fields such as machine learning, deep learning, quantum simulation, and high-throughput experimentation, and we believe this platform can help shift the paradigm of pharmaceutical researches from experience-dependent studies to data-driven methodologies,” commented the representative speaker of MedAI. ”These AI methods, like artificial neural networks (ANNs) and deep learning strategies, can greatly speed the development, optimize formulations, save the cost, and keep products consistency.”

The AI methods are wide ranged and far more than what mentioned above, which include: Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs), Expert Systems (ESs), Deep Convolutional Networks, Support Vector Machines (SVM), Random forests (RF, ensemble learning method), Multitask Deep Learning, One-shot Learning, Multiple Linear Regression (MLR, simple and easy to model), Partial Least Squares Regression (PLSR), k-Nearest Neighbors (k-NN), Multivariate adaptive regression spline and more.

Highlights of MedAI’s AI-driven formulation platform:

l Predict the water solubility of drugs, epoxidation reactivity of molecules, in vivo and in vitro characteristics, drug-induced liver injury, toxicity.

l Design of pharmaceutical experiment.

l Control the product quality in the whole product cycle.

l High-dimensional optimization based on different proportions of pharmaceutical excipients.

l Class II drugs R & D, extend the patent life of existing drugs (developing and patenting new formulations).

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About MedAI

MedAI is missioned to solving difficulties and challenges faced by pharmaceutical industry and accelerating drug discovery process by applying AI into processes and attempts like personalized healthcare and various other medical applications. To this end, a few AI-powered drug discovery platforms have been developed, including CADD Platform, AIDD Platform, Experimental Validation Platform. All these platforms are conducive to the drug R&D projects of pharmaceutical companies.

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